Market Timing is an Opportunity.

Buy Low. Sell High.

Outperform Buy and Hold.

Low Risk. Secure.

Steady Returns: Long Term.


stock market timingMarket timing: the hidden gem of investing

Market Timing relies on systematic predictive methods such as technical analysis or economic data. When done correctly, it is one of the most secure and effective ways to make consistent gains from investing. Often underrated due to negative press and poor performance by industry leaders, market timing has simply earned a bad reputation.

What if we were to tell you that we have a system that is going to change the industry forever? A system that has its trades tracked, recorded, presented and verified by an established and credible industry leader? Teabull Asset Timer is a breathe of fresh air. We pride ourselves on being transparent and clear to every investor.

When used correctly, our Market Timing systems have proven to help avoid massive drops in markets; stock crashes, for instance in 2008, 2000 and 1987. For many individuals who held securities, these years were catastrophic . Many lost 30-40% of their portfolios net worth. Using market timing systems one can avoid those nasty crashes and turn them into profit by shorting them on their way down.

Why follow Teabull Market Timing?

Although we do not have a long track record, we have very impressive results in several different Indexes. These systems have been back tested all the way back to the early 2000’s & the results look very promising. If someone used $10,000 at the start of 2000 and invested in the triple (3.0x) leveraged Russell funds (TNA – Long & TZA – Short/Inverse) it grew to $11,724,301.21 (1172.43% return over 17 years – an average of 51.52% a year). Now we are not guaranteeing those results as anything can happen in the market, these results were calculated though back testing for our algorithm. As you can see from the results below that the short term system looks very promising.

RusselL 2000 – Teabull Asset Timer Results (2000-2017)

  • Using Historical Data & Backtesting with our Algorithm back to January 1, 2000; $10,000 would have turned into over $220,000 in 17 years.
  • That’s a return of approximately 20% a year!
  • During that same time the Russell went up 5.77% per year.
  • That’s a 14% increase per year in total earnings vs Buying and Holding.

Russel 2000 – Short Term Results – Verified trades by

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  • Using our Un-Leveraged short term system you would have profited 36% return on your investment in just 6 months!


What you get when you sign up for Teabull Asset Timers Trading System:


You get subscribed to our Russell 2000 Stock Index E-mail Alert list. You will be e-mailed a E-mail Alert at 12:00AM PST every Market Day. Therefore, you will have be able to act on the same trade dates as those on the Timertrac graph above.

In addition, you will receive our weekly Teabull Stock Market TBX Index chart, an illustration of what determines Teabull’s “Buy” and “ShortSell/Inverse” signals for the Russell 2000 Index each weekend.

How to use Teabull Asset Timers Trading System:


Each Trading Day you will receive an E-mail stating our current position. Either “Buy” or “Short Sell/Inverse”.

When our signal is Buy, you would purchase the Russell 2000 tracking security. When our signal is Short Sell/Inverse you have the option to short sell the Russell 2000 tracking security or you can purchase the ETF or Mutual Fund that correlates strongly with the inverse of the Russell 2000.

When we use this trading system, we purchase (IWM) when the signal is on a “Buy”, and we short (IWM) or Buy inverse (RWM) when the signal is on “Short Sell/Inverse”.

Note – Some Brokers will not allow you to short these securities – it is up to the investor to contact his or her broker to find out if they can. Shorting is the preferred method when our signal is on a Short Sell/Inverse.

All trades are to be made at the market days open.

This system is active (100-150 trades a year)

Teabull is an End of Day (EOD) trading system.

Trading signals will be sent out via E-mail at 12:00AM PST on each Trading Day.